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Has been Spinning records since the young age of 16, mixing cassette tapes at house parties since the age of 11 and dancing to Michael Jackson and LL Cool J since the age of 5. Inspired by family roots to listen to Latin music Rocko was always engaged in training his ear for rhythmic music, taking a special liking to Drum Rhythms and melodies. At the age 13 Cuban family member and Brother Sergio Valdez inspired Rocko to listen to Salsa, Timba and more Urban music with Latin influences. At the age of 16 Rocko saves his money from working as a prep cook with his brother Sergio to buy his very own set of Technics 1200 mk2 turntables and Stanton SK2 mixer. Shortly after Rocko began learning the fundamentals to Dj’in. Beat matching, scratching, Drops and juggles. 2006 Rocko takes a trip to Cuba to see where his Grandfather was born and meets a girl, shortly after falls in love and has a boy born in Cuba 2007 then spends the next 3 1/2 tears living in cuba/Miami/Canada until Now Dj Rocko is Brining Urban Latino music to Canada and is making the crossover and merging different styles of Latin Influences into everyday top hits!
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