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Rocksauce Studios is a premiere creative mobile app design studio in Austin, Texas. Our crackerjack team of designers and professionals create sharp app designs and deliver attention-grabbing marketing for iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
To design the best apps on the planet
Company Overview
Rocksauce Studios focuses on hand-crafted, custom made apps for all mobile & static platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS and others. Our goal is to create an amazing user experience with a solid app brand & personality which can succeed on the marketplace. We are your creative team.
We evaluate and bleuprint your app before a pixel of art is placed on the palette. We research the app marketplace and size up the competition. We talk straight with you about your project and determine your best path to success. Then we get down to business with superior user interface design and strong branding to bring your idea to life.

We work hand in hand with the best developers to ensure clean code and functionality. We make sure that features like Geolocation or Sharing work seamlessly—and that they look great, too.

Once we have a great product we market it to the right places, making sure the right people know your product exists and that it has a solid chance to return your investment.
General Information
If you are looking for experienced app designers and excellence in creating iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile apps, look no further. We care about your app and our craft. Call us today to make your app happen. 866.981.6847

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