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Seattle, WA

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These four Seattle locals emerged on the music scene in 2006 with a unique sound that has been described as a "classic feel with a modern edge." Since their inception seven years ago, Van Eps has developed their sound into an epic, eclectically influenced, crowd pleasing reverberation, rocking venues from the Hard Rock to the Showbox and smaller much-loved venues like Louie G's.

Previously an exclusively live experience, accessible only to the committed rocker in the concert hall, they became available to rock n' roll enthusiasts everywhere with the release of their first single 'Go Ahead' in 2012; a feel-good summer anthem that leaves the listener craving more. And more is what they got!

Kicking off 2013 with a SOLD OUT show at the Showbox Market and the release of their second single ‘Save Yourself’ in February, Van Eps have aimed their sights in a B line for the big time. They have also hit the air waves, radio waves, and pod casts with their distinctive sound. Check out their radio spots on KISW’s Loud n' Local, The Men’s Room, BJ Shea Morning Show, The Brawd Cast pod cast and MTM radio UK.

To read more about the Van Eps take a look at their write ups in The Highline Times and The West Seattle Herald.

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