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Hi there! I'm Rocky. I'm a studying filmmaker and aspiring comedian currently studying screenwriting at Chapman University. Here, I'll be posting short films, trailers, sketches, and other film pieces that I make with friends and colleagues. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!

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  • My Portfolio Site! - Where all the things I make and help make go!
  • My Twitter! - Jokes, ramblings, attempts to get celebrities and comedians to notice me: You know the drill.
  • My Funny or Die Channel! - Where my sketches and stupid things I make go!
  • My Instagram! - I mainly take pictures of stupid stuff, or fun things about making/liking movies!
  • My Letterboxd - My film diary, reviews, lists, and other things revolving around films.
  • My Vine - My Vine where I do stupid shit but in video form.
  • My YouTube - Where more videos go with ILLEGAL AND RESTRICTED CONTENT (mainly licensed music and film footage)


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