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I discovered my passion for making films when I was studying business + communications. What began as a hobby soon developed into something more serious as more and more friends and work contacts commissioned films from me. Now I'm lucky enough to be able to say that Filmmaker is my full-time job.
Over the last three years and in true autodidact fashion I have taught myself every element of film-making, and am now able to see a project through from the concept stage to the shooting, sound and editing/post-production phase and I'm pleased to say that through this process I have developed a strong personal style. This is about making exceptional, sharable content that people forge an emotional connection with and that most importantly - is remembered!
Do you have a project that you want to see come alive on the screen? Whether for TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, I can make a film that will excite people and get them talking. So lets get creative together.


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