Rodney Robinson

southern Minnesota

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When on the internet I use Rodney7777. Going back a ways, I worked all over the U. S. as a structural detail draftsman. When 40, I started buying apartment buildings and strip malls. Sold them all except for a 24 unit apartment building In a small town near Rochester Mn. I got married to a wonderful woman a little late in life, but am very happy. I can't say that I am so great at it, but I am a gardener. I am very interested in permaculture and I have plans for my 2 acre plot. I really enjoy mining for Bitcoin. Not spending any Bitcoin, its way too valuable to let go of. Recently I managed to set up a couple of photoelectric solar panels, with deep cycle batteries, charge controller and inverter. I use it to charge my electric powered motorcycle, so the sun is my fuel. I like to multi-fuel and so I have a propane/gasoline powered pick up truck, a Taurus wagon that uses E85 and a 60 volt converted to electric power, Ford Escort. My main goal was to not work the 9 to 5. I hit that at age 40.


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