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Mérida, España

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Rodolfo Franco is an anthropologist by formation, graphic designer by profession, and poet by vocation, also with the pretension to become a magician. He was born in Brazil but has lived in Spain since 1989, where he published, among other things, the visual poetry books 22 Corazones and Album de Cromos and co-edited the magazine Delta Nueve. He collaborated with several other magazines, collective books, catalogs, websites, exhibitions, encounters and festivals, meetings and conspirations. He has participated in over 300 artistic events and publications across fourteen countries. As a poet, he works on several fronts: classical, haiku, concrete, visual, video and performance. He is also a writer of songs and practices ludolinguistic procedures with palindromes and anagrams. He is also a member of the band Comando Macondo and a cultural agitator.

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