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ROEL NOLLET IS a videoreporter, journalist and documentary maker based in Antwerp, Belgium. Driven, independent and stubborn. Constantly puzzling and connecting pieces into ‘not just another’ breaking news item or documentary. Eyes opened wide. Shoots his own material. Edits it too. Loves to do that.

ADDICTED TO music. Loves the adrenaline of rock climbing and running, and the rush for the deadline. Got to have the thrills.

MIND FULL OF adequate nonsense. Eager to create.

STORYTELLER. Most likely in good company. Does the trick with a camera too.

STUDIED Philosophy in Leuven. Took a postgraduating year in Journalism in Brussels and was picked up as a videoreporter by production house Havana in 2005. Goes out every day since to do reporting work for television.

WORKED WITH Canvas, VRT, VTM, TV Oost, Havana, NGO's & non-profit organisations.


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