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Jeff Rogers, a certified member of the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and NCAA Accredited, is native to and operates from scenic Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Jeff uses classical motions, cutting edge research and personality application to create fun, successful programs for groups as well as individuals. With major focus on personal improvement, you will enjoy increased flexibility, body path philosophy, and entertaining routines. In addition, you will have fun and experience measurable improvement no matter what your starting point or long-term direction.

Jeff’s individually tailored system is meant to promote and sustain a lifelong partnership between you and your body as he serves as your coach, cheerleader and friend. His program can even turn an individual’s dislike of exercise into a discovery of the joy of movement! This will enable you to achieve optimal athletic performance and thus a healthier life.

The firm belief that a sound mind should be accompanied by a strong body and a peaceful soul is the cornerstone of these popular, moving workouts. Exercise should be compelling, motivational, and provide measurable results. You must, however, make a lifetime commitment to yourself. You’re far more likely to do that if you’re having fun and enjoying the peace of mind and spirit that comes with a healthy body.

Please join us in the practice of personal improvement.

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