Roger Kondrat

Calgary, Canada

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I am a serial/serious entrepreneur who is hard core about startups, social media and product development.

I love sharing ideas and hear other great ideas from others. I am the kind of guy that loves sentences that start like: "Did you hear .... amazing..." or "This is so awesome check this out......"

If you know me from work you have no idea that I hike, rock climb, mountain bike and play rugby (during the summer).

If you know me just personally then you don't know I love micro-blogging, I used to be a rather popular blogger in Europe and although I love my MBP I don't like the iPhone because Nokia Rocks.

I work hard, I play hard, and I don't enjoy frivolous conversation, tell me something I don't know and I will be impressed. Talk to me about your passions, I really want to learn and hear because its cool to know.

Gotta run its Sunday and I still have some work to do before I head down to my local Chapters (Canadian version of Borders Books) for a coffee and some reading.


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