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We are located in the general Portland metropolitan area and all over the PNW. Most of us are full-time students and/or working full-time....but when we are all able to hit the river....we like to GO TO CHURCH! Jah Bless! PDX | PNW


  1. Mitch Noddin
  2. b/w dinsdale
  3. Adam Edwards
  4. Notorious Media Tent
  5. BRealMedia
  6. Clay Lucas
  7. Sea to Sky Whitewater
  8. Wizard's Eye
  9. Andrew Morrissey
  10. B-Dubble
  11. chris korbulic
  12. Mike Benson
  13. Jacob Cruser
  14. Richard Kemble
  15. chris morelli
  16. Niko Peha
  17. Ryan Lucas
  18. Louis-Philippe Rivest

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