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  1. Plink Flojd

    25 videos

  2. Plink Flojd

    26 videos

    Plink Flojd is a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and Eric Mast AKA E*Rock. We collaborate with artists from all over the World and premiered our first installment of videos at NOVA®, in São Paulo, Brazil, in the spring of 2012. Plink…

  3. Atlas

    7 videos

    Atlas is about an airline hostess... About when she is not flying... About those small moments of beauty within.

  4. NOVA 2012

    46 videos

  5. ®NOVA world tour 2012

    6 videos

    São Paulo, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Belo Horizonte, Dublin, Madrid, New York City, Rio de Janeiro. 21 artists, 15 days, 12 cities. A crazy trip to generate the new comunication campaign for ®NOVA 2012. Featuring Koen Delaere, Jay Jay Johanson, Patrick Kelleher…

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