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Roland Gibeault was the first Pioneer Qui Tam Relator Whistleblower under statute 31 U.S.C. 3729 - 3733 under the Oct. 1986 revision of the "The Lincoln Law" to work under-cover for 18 months with the FBI and DCIS Agents to expose a dangerous defense fraud in the mid 1980's against our military's first-line of defense . President Lincoln enacted "The False Claims Act" during the height of the Civil War on March 2, 1863 and the law was revised on Oct. 27, 1986 by Senator Grassley and Senator Bermann and others in Congress in-order to curb Defense Fraud during the 1980's. The Genisco Technology Corporation case was the most serious Defense Frauds in U.S. History and involved 1,500 HARM missiles the military's first-line of defense at a cost of $400,000.00 per missile that were deployed in U.S. Arsenal's around the world in the 1980's at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money and jeopardizing some or all of our air-men and women or needlessly putting their lives "In HARM's Way." Pioneer Qui Tam Relator Whistle-Blowers List the early to mid 1980's after the revitalization of the "Lincoln's Law" or coined "Mr. Lincoln's Law" and was amended Oct. 27, 1986 False Claims Act Amendments Pub.L. 99–562, 100 Stat. 3153, enacted October 27, 1986 after laying dormant in the archives of Congress for many years until Senator Grassley and Senator Senator Biden along with Senator Berman and many others in Congress decided enough was enough with over inflated or bogus military spending or wasting the American taxpayers dollars or risking the lives of US Military personal or killing or maiming of innocent civilian life by shoddy equipment built by marginally competent to incompetent sub-contractors and other vendors.
The Genisco Technology Corp. / Texas Instruments case was caught just before the Aug. 1990 "First Gulf War" and may have save the lives of many >

The False Case History /

25th annual report

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