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My productions often take a satirical and critical look at cultural and sexual norms. I aim to make people feel uncomfortable because it is my intention to raise the question, “Why is this bothering me?” It is my firm belief that there is humor in every aspect of our lives: love, sex, death, and all the minutia in between. I aim to expose that.

With influences as diverse as Joss Whedon, the Farley Brothers, the Cohen Brothers, and the Wachowski Siblings, new insights are generated from my narratives. I have always been fascinated by the clear distinction between the low and high arts. Why are some films taken more seriously than others? Who decides what movies are art and what movies are entertainment? Are the two mutually exclusive?

My stories waver into the defeats of the human spirit, of the human psyche, of the human body. But, what was once a failure soon becomes triumph, leaving a new sense of joy and inspiration.

Narrative is one of the most important aspects of my media. I hold onto the notion that everything has a beginning, middle, and end. When tackling my projects – be it fiction, documentary, or avant-garde – I focus on the dramatic arc and the impact of emotion.

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