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You must have Googled me, Bitch. My friends call me Roldog. I'm from the RGV; Harlingen, TX to be specific. I'm master at audio, video, and graphic manipulation. I know alot of jokes that won't make you laugh but I'll tell them you anyways. I have a photographic memory but my head has no film. I'm the guy that always has a video camera around just in case you do something stupid or fall asleep drunk at a party. I'm still a dork at heart. I represent KICKBACK ENTERTAINMENT with my best friend and mentor Malik.
They say that you only are only going to have 5 really good friends at different stages in your whole life. I'm fortunate to have twice as much as that at this point in my life now. Much love to team Skrilla and the all the BBC which is the foundation of the inner circle to whom I refer to as brothers.

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