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ROMANi ONLiNE is the most popular virtual meeting space for the Romanians living in the UK. Our mission is to support Romanians living or that are willing to relocate in the UK, by giving them access to important and accurate information in order the ease the integration process within the British society. Meanwhile, we are supporting the Romanian community to keep hold of the Romanian identity and traditions.

ROMANi ONLiNE was launched in June 2004 and refreshed in November 2007. Starting with 1st of February 2009 the website has been considerably improved. The new and very complex platform offers more options to the end user: access to a vast multimedia content, social networking and collaboration tools inside personalised groups, private or public discussions in real time, news, comments, blog, ads, Romanian events calendar and important information geared to help the newcomers. Last but not the least, a complete brand new design which makes and navigation much easier and user friendly.

ROMANi ONLiNE Radio broadcasts 24/7. Musical playlist comprises the 80s-90s and todays' hits, with 25 percent of the music broadcasted being Romanian made.

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  1. On second thought, do not take the video down yet! It is proof of theft, I need it to file a complaint to the police!
  2. Take this video down! It features my voice and my camera work that have not been paid for since 2008!
  3. This video features my voice, as a narrator, used without permission. I urge you to take down this video immediately! This video has been up on various servers since 2008, but I have not been paid the money for either the camera work, nor for my…