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Romawood is independent film production and an NGO to which gives opportunity to young Roma people to learn and to express other Roma trough artistic methods, thus producing documentary film towards the Roma communities at the moment in Balkans and in the future all over Europe. Romawood got born when the first film was made in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where the native’s of its town learned the techniques of film with Balkan Sunflowers NGO. More than twenty documentaries, docu-fiction, music videos were produced towards the Roma culture, Art, Human Rights and Social Life in Kosovo, Bosnia, Poland, France and Slovenia. All made by Plemetina native’s and implementing partners (Balkan Sunflowers, Luksus Produkcija, Koperativa, NISI MASA, ADL Nis Serbia, ALD Gjilan Kosovo, Dosta Campaign and etc.

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