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"....from a 2parent crib, raised wit morals as a kid, my conscience still lives wit thought, and wit all dat i did, my mind n heart never fought, doin' felony bids, i ought2 B paid-r-layed N a grave, kizer sojzay type, wit da plan til da doe get rite, THiS 4my guys on dem blocks-n-dem frozen nites, holdn life 4 deez hypes-from-da jaw 2da pipe, tryna duck da law n dem lites, & cutthroat niggaz, just like a knife, who tryna lay me down wit out a fight, cuz niggaz is schiest, dats why da FAM so tight,,, but 'eything gon b aite' like Treach,, 'we gon make it' like L.o.X, spend it like BABY n FRESH, we may b da best, r sum niggaz u JUST select,, r NeVeR expect, 2 b a threat, N THIS INDUSTRY, i MEAN literally, yall aint ready 4my men n me, n if u aint no kin2me, r if u aint no friend2me, i dont fuck around, AINT tryna get scoped like kennedy,, cuz niggaz b, tryna figure out how it !WORK!,, how the skirts LOVE us, even though we chilln n dirt, ACTING like jerks n public, when a nigga was HURT>who loved it, YOU around but u wuznt,not a soul can b trusted, THiS LIFE i LEAD...."
-Romelo Hill

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