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  1. 14:50


    by Rome Snowboards

    4 Videos

    One rider, one park, one day.

  2. 02:19:50

    12 Months

    by Rome Snowboards

    13 Videos

    For the next twelve months, we’ll create and release a monthly film about some aspect of snowboarding that we are into. Different spots. Different riders. Different fixations. It’s…

  3. 49:47

    FInd Snowboarding

    by Rome Snowboards

    4 Videos

    The reason was simple. We wanted to find snowboarding where you would least expect it. Following a year in search of shred, the Rome SDS set out this past season to look even deeper into the possibilities…

  4. 11:30

    Full Year

    by Rome Snowboards

    3 Videos

    Full Parts from the Rome Team filmed during the 12 Months Project. An entire year of riding all mixed into one solid edit.

  5. 01:28:46

    LOCAL GNAR 2012

    by Rome Snowboards

    20 Videos

    Keep an eye out for 2-3 Local GNAR entries dropping each week from July through September of 2012.

  6. 06:36

    One Trick

    by Rome Snowboards

    7 Videos

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