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Ron is a Content Creator of both Motion and Stills. Or in other words Director of Content. DOC! His mother always thought he should be a Doc. So here he is! A creator of the fresh, the stylish and unique. He is inspired by both past and current cultural trends to create that image content that perfectly captures the client's vision for any shoot. The viewer always comes away from the imagery feeling as if they are seeing something truly unique; or a moment in time that only Ron Berg could have created. It is with this emotion that clients continually connect with Ron, his industrious production team, and his uncommon work! He is based in Kansas City and represented by Heather Elder Represents with offices in San Francisco and New York. He got schooled at RIT . While the farm-boy in him loves the rural and digging in his garden. And if it wasn't for his travels of amazing urban meccas the foodie in him would of never blossomed. Philanthropically he donates and volunteers to many organizations particularly animal groups and shelters.

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