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Ron is the Principal of Theatre Arts Production Company School (TAPCO) in the Bronx. He envision schools of the future where teachers meld the arts and technology to help students realize their creative, academic, economic, and world citizen potential.

In chronological order, he has been: a weekly lawn care worker (age 12) for eight properties, a short order cook, a bellhop, a busboy, a room service waiter, a head lifeguard of two inner city beaches, a restaurant waiter, a parking lot attendant, an interior design assistant, a vocalist/sax player for JD Kurrent that warmed up for RunDMC and the Dazz Band, a meat plant worker, a deli counter worker, a warehouse worker, a delivery driver, a substitute teacher, a professional firefighter, a cab driver, a painter (of walls and ceilings), a high-rise custodian, a firefighting/auto extrication/HazMat response instructor, an actor, a presentation center worker throughout Wall Street, the founder/executive director of a non-profit, a teacher of English/Media, an assistant principal of security, and an assistant principal of instruction.

Ron's past work in refractive surgery education has been featured in the New York Times, on 20/20 & WebMD. As a member of the technology group of the NYC Writing Project, Ron has been a guest on the weekly podcast Teacher Teaching Teachers. Most recently, Ron received the 2012 Lehman UrbanTransformative Education (LUTE) Award which honors the work of educators who make outstanding contributions to urban education. He has a B.A. in English from Kenyon College, an M.Ed. in English Education from Lehman College, and a M.Ed in Education Leadership from Columbia Teachers College.

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