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Computer enthusiast impassioned for all languages of any kind, I'm involved into the 'motion music biz' since 1975: roots, rock, dub…
In London, Paris and NYC, I & I and Malcolm McLaren (just after the Sex Pistols split) have working together for long time on 'rock'n'roll musical softcore entertainments for kids' as story teller, lyrics writer, music composer and producer, i.e. Adam & the Ants, Bow wow wow, Margi Clarke and MMcL himself...)
Later (1992), at the sides of and beside my wife Muriel Cerf, like an insider, I turned totally myself into literature.
Today, in parallel, deeply involved in the graphic arts (from pictorial canvas to video performances via the data processing design like ergonomics or software appearance), I'm working on paintings and digital animations.
For this purpose an exhibition founded on the ascii art and labeled: 'DRAWING BY NUMBERS' was planned by GlitterNext Gallery end of spring 2011 and a second one since last december: 'Incarnata' (initially titled: '£OV€ B¥T€$ £ADI€$'), much more in a typographical way. (cf. vimeo video: Incarnata)

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