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Dan Rootenberg, co-founder and President of SPEAR Physical Therapy, is a skilled therapist with extensive research experience in biomechanics, and is a former professional baseball player, having played in numerous leagues around the world.

Dan began his career at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the nation’s top orthopedic hospital, where he developed advanced clinical skills in orthopedic and sports injury management. Dan conducted several research projects analyzing the impact of stretching and strengthening on the biomechanics of the golf swing. Dan was involved in a project analyzing the biomechanics of the throwing motion at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham. Dan has published a number of articles in national physical therapy journals.

Dan has played professional baseball on three continents. He was signed to a minor league contract in the Frontier league in Chillicothe, Ohio after college. From 1997-2004, Dan helped the Swiss Champion, Zurich Barracudas win three medals in the European Cup Championships. Dan continued his baseball career in the summer of 2007 when he was a first round draft choice in the Israel Baseball League, the first pro baseball league in the Middle East.

The unique combination of Dan’s clinical background and the longevity of his sports career have enabled him to intimately understand the body’s capacity to perform, facilitating his clients ability to reach their maximum potential.

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