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Jordi, that is thy name lol. i am now a SENIOR at SANTA ANA HIGH SCHOOL! well.. i play a variety of instruments.. guitar, oboe, trombone, and my fav.. DRUMS.. I am the DRUMLINE CAPTAIN lmao, Im in the Saints Marching Band (santa ana high band)my section: drumline.... When i graduate i want to attend USC (i dont think thats happening due to grades) and be in the USC Trojan Marching Band! (this is still possible lol) I wanted to study Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering and Physics and i was also thinking about also studying Neurology, BUT now i kinda want to pursue a career in the Film Industry or get involved in the Corporate World. i want to own my own Jet Airplane.. my life goal is to be a millionaire... why not billionaire! uhm i also love to dance(jerking it with the homers lol) i love partying... music is my life! so i love it! pretty much i am down for almost anything.. and if you just actually read everything you must actually care.. or your bored haha so jus hit me up and get to know me. peace... IM RICH BITCH! haha.

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