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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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Rory Duffy is an award-winning master tailor who has established “Rory Duffy, Handcraft Tailor” in New York.

In the traditions of Savile Row, Rory makes elegant and stylish clothes for gentlemen, following a family tradition that goes back five generations.

In 2009 Rory underlined his talent by winning the prestigious Golden Shears Award for apprentices and tailoring students, the U.K. coveted tailoring award.

Working for world-famous Savile Row tailor Henry Poole, the young Irishman proved his technical prowess by defeating 25 other finalists in a professional catwalk event judged by renowned style experts.

“Tailoring is something that I’d always aspired to do,” said Rory. “My grandfather was a tailor ‐ it’s in the genes.”

He combines his seven years of training and a diploma in Handcraft Tailoring from the London College of Fashion, learning from the highest skilled craftsmen in the British Isles.

In 2012 Rory founded Handcraft Tailor in New York, offering U.S. clients the opportunity to experience for themselves the quality and craftsmanship of British bespoke tailoring.

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