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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Hailing from a small town in BC, Canada, Rosano initially wanted to become an astronaut. One fateful day on an amusement park ride ended that dream in a queasy second. He then set his sights on becoming a cameraman/editor for television. He began doing live camera for professional sporting events such as the NHL and Molson Indy, studio and ENG camera/editing for local Vancouver news stations, and freelance videographer work all over the lower mainland, yet he somehow ended up as a digital compositing artist.

Starting his VFX career at Rainmaker Digital Pictures (now Method Studios Vancouver) in Vancouver, Canada, 1994, Rosano fell in love with an Australian woman and followed her to Sydney in 2001 and began working for the LaB, Sydney. In 2006, after the birth of his son, Rosano took an opportunity to lead and build the online/VFX division of Mike Reed and Partners Post Production (MRPPP) and joined them in their Sydney office. 2008 saw the birth of his daughter and two years later he became part owner of MRPPP. Ever the opportunist, Rosano and the other partners sold the company to Deluxe at the end of 2010 and saw the creation of a new entity, Method Studios Walsh Bay, where Rosano worked until Dec. 2012.

With over 16 years experience as a digital compositor, Rosano has worked on award winning TV shows, movies of the week and TVC’s, such as Stargate SG-1, Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, Nickelodeon “Slam”, Fosters “Flashbeer” and “Drums of Beer”, Tourism Australia, and the recent SBS Documentary promos, to name a few.

His speed, enthusiasm and amicability in the suite is matched only by his attention to detail in his work, and his ability to problem solve on the fly has saved many a session. Rosano is highly sought after, and not only by his wife and kids. Rosano has also proved to be a valuable asset as a VFX supervisor, lending his talents and skills to the pre-production, production, and post-production processes.

When he is not locked in a room cursing at a monitor or being with his family, he can be found with his band Backyard BBQ trying to figure out what key the song they are playing is in.

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