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He graduated as film editor at the Institute of State Cine-TV "R. Rossellini", in 2009 graduated in DAMS. In 2011 he attended "Fare Cinema", workshop directed by Marco Bellocchio. He worked as assistant director for theater and films, working with actors and directors like Serafino Murri, Ninni Bruschetta, etc...
He wrote and directed "Barbarism Begins at Home" (2006), "Circuito Chiuso" (2008), "L'impiego del tempo" (2009) and "Oggi come Ieri" (2010), selected and winners in various Italian festivals.
Mitreo Film Festival, Corto & Cultura, Il Cortificio, Lago Film Fest, Cortisonici Lab and Short (D) Vision finalist with the screenplay "A occhi aperti".


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