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Shanley McShane is the pen name of Patrick John Rose and the author of one novel published during his lifetime in 1936, "Bitter River Ranch", by Phoenix Press and more published posthumously. Patrick was born in 1872 aboard his father's vessel, the Marguerite, and was the sole survivor when she sank carrying both his mother and father to the bottom of the ocean. He attained captain status aboard his own ship by age 24 and sailed the world's oceans and South Seas until some time after the turn of the 20th century, whereupon he caught Alaska gold fever and ventured north. From the extreme north, he traveled into the southwest, still mining, prospecting, and eventually participated in a cattle drive on one of the (then) largest ranches in Arizona. It was in the late 1920's/early 30's that he eventually settled down to write about all of his adventures--both land and sea. "Cocos Island Treasure" was one of those adventures. Also recently published are "Sons of the Sea" and "Lucky Joe". While "Bitter River Ranch" detailed life on a southwest cattle ranch, the three published posthumously to date describe sailing adventures including his shanghai experience aboard a whaler. Soon out will be his story of personal investments and loss in mining stocks. Among manuscripts left for publication are numerous poems and short stories which will be published in an anthology some time in 2013.
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