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Oxford, UK

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I'm an amateur (for the love of it) photographer and short-film maker who carries a camera around with her like a third eye
I make these little films on iMovie from photos and video taken with a tiny Olympus 10 megapixel XZ-1 camera and occasionally with my Panasonic HD-SD60 Digital camera or clips of archive cine film and old Hi8 video digitised.
The reason I take photographs and make my films became clear to me only recently: I need to focus on Life in Nature and in music and people I love, to strengthen my heart against anger and despair at the increasingly de-natured, soulless world.
Like everyone else, I feel the need to express the life inside me whether or not anyone hears it; and the best language for me is certain music combined with the images and sound I capture with my camera, the wind in the trees, or the tiniest creature grooming itself on on a leaf, or a sticky chestnut bud opening in Spring—
or people I love absorbed in an activity, unaware I am there with my camera.
I think I could call these my love songs.

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