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The mission of Ross Institute is to provide all children with the skills, values and sensibilities to succeed in our new global society. Knowing the 21st century—with unprecedented flows of capital, people and information—would pose new problems for coming generations, Courtney Sale Ross founded Ross Institute for Advanced Study and Innovation in Education in 1996.

Ross Institute operates as a nexus for scholars and researchers to develop solutions to these new challenges through applied research, training, modeling and ultimately dissemination. Ross Institute seeks to maximize the benefits of shared research and collaboration, encouraging scholars to break through the barriers that separate disciplines. Ross Institute facilitates and participates in the latest research on mind, brain and education and the effects of globalization on education.

The Institute is also engaged in ongoing efforts to transfer the Ross Model to public education. With Ross School in East Hampton as the “model school,” municipalities, school districts and individual schools across the globe learn about and experience the Ross Model. In direct support to schools adapting the Ross Model in their local settings, the Ross Institute Academy provides mentoring by affiliated scholars and Ross School master teachers through study tours, workshops, videoconferences and on-site consulting. The Ross Institute Academy also provides training and certification for individual teachers interested in the Ross Model.

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