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Ryan Ramos Here, head of my own indie film group called Rotten Corpse Entertainment, where we make the crappiest short horror films you have ever seen.

We started in 2004, after filming our 1st movie, Camp Until You Die!, a year later, followed by Camp Until They Die!!, which was entered into Fangoria's Blood Drive 2 contest. Though turned down, we continued to make our stuff. In 2006, i took a different approach to making my movies and did, The Ho Killer. A few years later, in 2010, with co-director Jasyn Asher, filmed the Short, Brunch of the Dead (not yet released). In the beginning of 2012, I created my first ever animation for Portland's "40 Seconds or Less" film contest. Not winning this either, I am now working on some music projects and planning on re-releasing my older films for all to see.

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