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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Rouge Entertainments operates some of India’s biggest and highly renowned fashion weeks and live
entertainment shows. Founded and executed from 2011 has been constantly looking and working on highly conceptual fashion projects to make a difference in the fashion scenario. In addition to other fashion-related strategic marketing initiatives, we partner with leading indian designers and brand marketers interested in reaching fashion-centric consumers through our industry-awaited fashion properties and unmatched expertise and enthusiasm ‘cos we know.

It is a young , peppy and vibrant event entertainment company compassing many areas of the entertainment field. We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of excellence in everything that we do. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity on all levels of our operations. We strive to create ‘triple win’ situations with every endeavor we are involved in. This is when atleast 3 parties win and benefit from the experience…including our clients, employees, audience members and us.


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