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Trilogy of independent movies shot in South Central Pennsylvania.

Some info that might be of interest to film watchers.

The Route 30 trilogy is very personal to me.  All films were shot in my home town of Chambersburg in south central PA.  I use a combination of local actors, NY and LA based actors as well.  The story lines and characters are drawn from experiences I had or types of people I grew up with.  It is 100 percent fiction.  When I make these movies, I have a strict no frills set of guidelines that is adhered to.  The message while making the film is always the same:  If it feels like work, then we are doing something wrong.  

With that in mind, the process of making the film is ultimately the highlight.  Having a film to share with others oddly becomes secondary.  This might sound crazy to other folks making films, but I have been doing it so long, that the usual outcome bores the crap out of me and as a result, I am searching for something different.

These films help me to stay creative and have fun in my chosen profession.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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