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  1. 36:16

    Portrait Of An Artist

    by Roving Media Productions

    8 Videos

    I've had the pleasure of highlighting several artists and their work. Support local art!

  2. 22:04

    State Of Our Schools

    by Roving Media Productions

    4 Videos

    I've had the pleasure of highlighting several amazing projects happening in our schools. Get involved!

  3. 01:58:52

    Adventures & Events

    by Roving Media Productions

    23 Videos

    Life is an adventure. Get some!

  4. 24:06

    Birds of a Feather - The Documentary: Interview Snippets & Behind the Scenes with The Director

    by Roving Media Productions

    6 Videos

    Birds Of A Feather is a genetic journey which began when an aspiring documentary filmmaker attempts to honor the legacy of her brother David by facing the past and allowing herself to wonder about…

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