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Austin, TX

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Austin's Royal Forest are not big believers in static sound, though they do appreciate the sound of static. Experimental across media---using analog tape loops in recordings and live at shows, for example---the band strives to reinvent their songs in new ways.

Lately this experimentation manifests itself in field recordings. Royal Forest has made songs in a single-prop airplane above the Texas hill country, inside a WWII submarine in Galveston, and in a lightning storm among the Monahans sand dunes. Not content to be labeled a studio band or live act, the band pushes the limits of composition, using whim and on-the-fly audio manipulation as songwriting tools. Experimentation is their evolutionary engine.

For all the geeky shit, Royal Forest is awfully listenable. The loops and field recordings only enhance their memorable hooks and positive energy. The band's dedication to DIY is not only impressive, it imbues their records, videos, and live shows with infective charm.

Royal Forest's latest album, Spillway, casts a surreal shadow on Americana. It was recorded to tape by the band and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Spillway is available July 9th via King Electric Record Company and Mollusc Records (UK).

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