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Brother Immortal: Roy Buckley VJ/Media Consultant

Hello, I am a VJ - doing live visuals for concerts, events, and pretty much anything that needs cool stuff projected on a screen, wall, ceiling, building, Go Go dancer, etc.. I do my thing in Upstate NY.


Custom visuals for any type of event. Corporate, DJ, Band,
Performance, Party, Fashion, Art, and all things in between.
I specialize in making people look like rock stars.

Original content specifically designed for:

• Applications in retail.
• Hotels, convention.
• Art/Fashion show environments.
• Restaurants and clubs.
• Bands, DJ’s.
• Corporate Meetings.
• Private themed parties.

Since 2007 I have been in the DJ VJ group DJvsVJ. Check us out. We'll blow your mind.



Continuing developments in the fields of Media and Entertainment technology are indeed revolutionary in nature. Information and knowledge are expanding in quantity and accessibility. In many fields future multi-media creators will be constantly presented with new tools for creating their art and visions. The consequences are quite revolutionary. Communications and information technology have enormous potential especially for developing new film, video, images and visual art from otherwise untapped sources.
The ability to move any combination of voice, video and digital data at this speed is unprecedented. Both Multimedia and connectivity to it are leading us to the Information Society where media creators, their audience as well as enterprises will have similar access to information and communication.

Behance Network

My Blog for VJ randomness and animated gifs I'm making for projects.

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