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BMPS (Blessed Movements Prayer Session) is driven by my desire to be always in Love and to share my joy of praying with anyone who is looking for creative and expressive ways to pray. I define prayer as being with God. Lectio Divina (and its many creative adaptations to daily life) and the divine office meditations are my main prayer styles. Blessed Movements (praying with the whole self) comes from my background in yoga and mindful meditation. I also enjoy walking as meditation and exercise. Drawing, sketching, photography, and sacred texts also bring me closer to the Beloved. I am a trained spiritual director, an oblate of St Benedict, a yoga instructor, and a graphic artist by trade. I explore and practice the concept of praying unceasingly so I can say "Amen" on my last breath on this earth. Oremus. Pax vobiscum.

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