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Roy Anthony Brown a.k.a. ROY INC is one of London's most recognisable faces - best known as a model, performer, singer / songwriter, recording artist, and personality, Roy soon became a firm favourite with many industry giants including photographers David Bailey, Juergen Teller, Nick Knight, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Rankin, as well as fashion designers Thierry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Pam Hogg.
Roy is also an accomplished singer / songwriter who after successfully fronting three bands has now launched his own solo project 'ROY INC" working with producers José Macabra, Roland Spark, Fraser McCormick & Paul Tierney of Burnt Out Stable Girl. He has recently completed three commissioned compositions for 'The House Of Organza/ SHOWstudio' collective.

Roy has been expanding his body of work by collaborating with musicians who have a classical and modern musical background, as well as expanding his singer/song writing skills by working with other artists, including vocalists and other commercial projects.

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