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Tel Aviv, Israel

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My name is Roy Manor.

I'm an animator specializing in Flash animation since 2007, living and creating from Tel Aviv.

During that time I have worked on various animation projects, both local and international including commercials, promotional videos, animation series, apps and more.

I am highly experienced in working with different clients and requirements and am capable of adjusting my style of work with the project's design esthetic, budget restrictions and general frame of work.


  1. Headless Productions
  2. Mehdi Alibeygi
  3. Tinman Creative Studios
  4. Animade
  5. Birdo Studio
  6. GRIFF
  7. Robin Davey
  8. Ronda
  9. Trojan Horse was a Unicorn
  10. Jenn Strickland
  11. Tomas Jech
  12. CRCR
  13. Alex Redfish
  14. e.d.Films (Daniel Gies)
  15. Arctq17
  16. Charles Huettner
  17. Nexus
  18. yannouchka

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