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Hi, I'm Ron Priest of RPriest Videography. Since the beginning of 2015, I no longer shoot my own weddings, I just edit them for other studios. Im also an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Editor. The following video album contains some FCPX Wedding Workflow tips and Tricks:

I've also arranged some wedding edits from weddings I’ve shot myself prior to 2015 and a few I've done for other studios with their permission here in this album:

I have another passion, and that's sharing tips, tricks and teaching Final Cut Pro X to other film studios editing weddings. I love FCPX, it’s my NLE of choice. I edited in FCP classic from 2006 until switching over to X in 2012 and haven’t looked back. Prior to 2006, I edited in Premiere Pro.

Wedding videography has always been my passion. I originally started shooting weddings as a hobby in the mid 80’s (yes that was in the last century) when full size video cameras tethered to VHS recorders made their debut. Until the late 90’s however, wedding videography was not my daytime job. Up until that time my colleagues addressed me as Sergeant Priest, as I spent 21 years in active duty Air Force as an aircraft electrician working on the largest aircraft we had at the time, the C-5 Galaxy.

When I was just a young airman, my first permanent duty assignment was at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA. I only spent a year there, got married, and then we moved to Frankfort Germany where we stayed for only 2 years. We had our first daughter, and we then moved back to the states where we spent the next 4 years at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, IL. While stationed there, our 2nd daughter was born prior to being reassigned to Altus AFB, in Altus Oklahoma in the mid 80’s. We stayed put until girls graduated from high school, I retired from the Air Force and spent another 4 years in Civil Service. After leaving Altus in 2001, I decided 25 years was long enough fixing airplanes, and went into wedding videography full time… the monthly retirement check kept me from starving. And that brings my bio back to full circle as Im now living in Elizabethtown, Kentucky working in postproduction and training.

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