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I got my first DSLR camera early 2011 and I am learning how to shoot video with it. I have passions for wakeboarding, snowboarding, filming, and editing. Mostly you will see videos of wakeboarding, wakesurfing, snowboarding and other fun activities. I´m only an amateur Filmmaker and do this just for fun for my friends and me. I give my best to catch the feelings of my passions in my videos.

In the past I've driven a lot of snowboarding. But now that I'm in a certain age, I let the younger drivers the daredevil stunts and stand more behind the camera. But from time to time you will also see me in front of the camera.
I hope you enjoy my videos and I am grateful for every follower.
My equipment are a GoPro Hero 2 and 3, a Canon DSLR T600 i. For my Areal shoots i use a TBS Discovery Quadrocopter from Team Blacksheep packed with a GoPro Hero 3


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