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Rubens was born and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Fine Arts from University of São Paulo, he is also specialized in photography. He has worked in the area of film and video making for over 10 years and has participated in important festivals such as Short Film Corner at Cannes Festival, screening his short film “What we choose…” in 2009. In 2006, he won the reality show Projeto 48, from TNT channel, and made another short film “The 400 strikes”, which has been viewed throughout Latin America.
He has directed several commercials and institutional films for major clients such as Bradesco, TIM, Telefonica, Itaú, the Federal government of Brazil and Angola, Natura, Vale and Pão de Açúcar group. His most recent works were two TV series for Discovery channel Latin America: Operation Condor and Air Crash. He also directed as second unit the first six episodes of Desafio em Dose Dupla, a doc-reality shot in the most wilderness areas in South America.
In 2012, he shot a documentary about his relationship, through the 90’s, with the an octogenarian artist, Amelia Toledo. “22 days with Amelia or how I became an artist” is now heading its way to national and international festivals.
His latest film "Bixiga 70 NYC" features the Brazilian band Bixiga 70 on its first US tour in 2015. As a director and cinematographer, he's currently involved in the making of a full-length documentary about music, dance and instrumental music.

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