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"Video is my Passion! Wine, Lifestyle, Tourism films made with flair and joie de vivre! Lust for life!

As a videographer, I am passionate about creating promotions relating to wine, gastronomy, leisure, culture, travel and tourism. As a consummate story teller, my videos tell the stories of interesting people, places and happenings, small or large.

As former Hollywood producer/director, I’ve lived and worked in Europe since 1990. I am the owner of communications company Media in English, based in The Netherlands and have Dutch citizenship. My 40+ years as a communicator and video maker, as well as my media training work at Media in English, has given me a unique understanding of the perspectives on both sides of the Atlantic.

My work includes the production of many successful and award-winning television programs from Los Angeles, New York, London and Hilversum."

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