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Essen, Germany

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The Ruhr is the European Capital of Culture 2010. As an unconventional "metropolis in the making" it is well on the way to becoming a new centre in Europe.

This is clear from its successful application under the title of "Essen for the Ruhr", in which 53 cities, towns and parishes in the region joined forces under the motto "Change through Culture – Culture through Change".

Industrial workers came here from all over the world. Hard work, mutual tolerance and solidarity were the three pillars on which they created the "myth of the Ruhr". They looked back with pride at what they had achieved. Confronted by the end of the coal and steel industries, the inhabitants reacted with courage to the new challenges and as a result the region has undergone an exemplary transformation.

"Essen for the Ruhr", the European Capital of Culture, is proud to be able to play host to all those who wish to experience the breathtaking change from Europe's legendary coal and steel region to a new type of polycentric cultural metropolis.

RUHR.2010 GmbH is the body responsible for preparing and implementing the cultural capital programme and its accompanying marketing and tourism activities. Along with its partners it supports the development of sustainable effective structures for the Ruhr cultural metropolitan area.

RUHR.2010 has brought together the regional players from culture, politics and business into a creative alliance. They are all following the ambitious aim to transform the Ruhr metropolitan area into an important player in the future of Europe, and give the area and new and unique brand mark on the map of Europe.

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