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Most running partners are old friends, or they meet at the first day of running club, or they’ve passed each other on the sidewalk so often that they decided to join forces. Our story is a bit different than that, we met in the cozy world of the Internet.

We became quick friends on a popular running (cycling, and swimming) social network. At first we were competitors looking for that spot on the leader board, but as we got to know each other, we realized that we had a lot more in common than a crazy passion for running – we geek out hard when it comes to training, shoes, gear, nutrition, motivation and inspiration.

Instead of simply annoying our loved ones with stories of homemade gel pouches, lost toenails, or boasts about outrageous appetites, we deiced to take things to the next level with Run Talk Radio.

Get to know us as we explore the runner’s world of nutrition, gear, training, and anything that may pop up during friendly conversation about a sport we all love.

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