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Frome, UK

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Freelance video and TV producer / writer / director.
Volunteer radio producer and presenter at Somer Valley FM and Frome FM.
Trustee of Viewpoint Community Media Trust, Swindon, uk.

External Links

  • Bath Cantata - website for chamber choir. Designed.
  • LifestoryDVD - Website promoting family history production service
  • Operaletta - Website promoting music group in Bath. Design and maintain.
  • Fromedia - Website to promote my main business interest - video, radio and online production. Design and maintain.
  • Swindon Viewpoint - Website of community television organisation I belonged to in the 1970s. Over 2000 video clips of Swindon archives from 1900 to the present day. Many from the output of 1970s Swindon Viewpoint.


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