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Rural TV is all about celebrating rural culture & encouraging the sharing of innovative agriculture ideas through live & on-demand video on the web -

We are an innovative online community that celebrates the vibrant rural culture that exists around the world & the sharing of new ideas in the food-producing environment through video.

Co-founders, Sarah Perriam & Tony Glynn, are rural New Zealanders with a passion for connecting people with the land and the land with the people.

Based in the southern New Zealand city of Dunedin, the Rural TV team are building a hub of video content to educate & entertain the rural sector worldwide.

With our roots firmly planted in a country of pioneers in agriculture innovation, Rural TV is bringing a fresh approach to the delivering of rural content via online & on-demand video on multiple devices.

Whether your interest in agriculture & the country lifestyle is big or small, please follow us on the various social media networks to grow awareness about our vision & in turn we hope you are apart of shaping its future.

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