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I've always been fascinated with the natural assembly of dreams. They are (for the most part) always very unpredictable and erratically structured, which I find intensely profound and inspiring. This would be my primary modus operandi and it persists as the framework for influence. As for filling in the color of the configuration with other artists that have made a sizable impact would be (but not limited to); Kenneth Anger: his quick-cuts and odd approach to avant-garde imagery produce an attractive atmosphere that grappled me at first view. Following this, I am always mesmerized by the unhinged and intricate mind of David Lynch. I find his unorthodox ability to lure and coalesce elements of terror, grace, experimental visuals, and nightmare-like depictions into an arcane anecdote very magnetizing. And as a fourth preference I move on to mention The Monkees riveting motion picture "Head" (1968) as a massive stimulus in my ventures; the composite work would be my first out of five stars...Though using this potpourri can be very toxic at times, by virtue I have come to understand a method all my own and continue to progress farther away from the exemplar models of editing.

I also like to write music.

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