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Ruttkowski 68, a gallery in the Belgium quarter of Cologne, Germany was founded in 2010. Since the beginning, the gallery is committed to actively take part in the cultural discourse, not only by art exhibitions but also through book presentations, concerts or charity events. To deliver exciting experiences monthly, Ruttkowski68 works with German as well as international artists, ranging from painters to photographers and sculptors. As part of a boundary less attitude, established artists as well as introducing less famous ones are featured.

Cologne, placed close to Belgium and the Netherlands, offers to easily attract an international audience with the gallery. This website is an additional space for everybody who can’t or couldn’t make it to the best events in town.

The gallery is named in remembrance of Sven “Rutte” Ruttkowski (1968 – 2010). Most people knew Rutte through the DJ duo “Bang Bang Boom” which he formed with the famous German actor Oliver Korittke. After Rutte’s tragic death the photo artist Nils Müller transformed the former living space into what is now the Ruttkowski68 gallery.

Viewing Hours: Mon-Fri 15 - 20h, Sat-Sun 17-20h, Tue closed

+49 (0) 221 - 1699 3647

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