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I'm an Independent Filmmaker

Services offered:

Outside of working on my own projects - I supply a lighting cameraman service on Features, Music Videos and high quality shorts.
In Post Production I offer an Edit service that includes Colour Grading

I Specialise in Digital cameras: Black Magic, Red One, Epic, Scarlet, Arri Alexa, 5D, 7D, D7000, D5100 -

Education: Film Certificates

Degree BA Hons in Filmmaking - Graduated from SAE | Middlesex with a 1st class distinction.
Diploma in digital Filmmaking - Graduated from SAE with a 93 % average.

Education: CXC = GCSE
Maths, English Language, English Literature, Art, Biology, Social Studies, Integrates Science

Currently Work @ Freelance - Director, Cinematographer, Editor/Colourist


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